Public Housing Everybody's Business rally on parliament steps

Public Housing Rally | Launching the push for a parliamentary inquiry

We have a plan to save public housing, but it’ll take all of us together to pull it off.

Join Samantha Ratnam and public housing advocates on Thursday 7 March to hear about the Greens’ push for a parliamentary inquiry into the plan to demolish Melbourne’s public housing towers.

An inquiry will look into Labor’s plans to demolish the towers and provide residents and the wider community with much-needed information about these plans.

Advocacy group, Public Housing Everybody’s Business have kindly invited us to speak at their weekly Public Housing Vigil held on the steps of parliament every Thursday at 12pm.

Join us this week to hear about next steps and how you can get involved.

WHEN: Thursday 7 March, 12-1pm

WHERE: Parliament House of Victoria

The Victorian Labor Government plans to demolish all 44 public housing towers, displacing over 10,000 residents and selling off most of this to private developers.

There is a massive housing crisis, and rather than help people, Labor is actively making the situation worse: from chronically underfunding and privatising public housing to prioritising the profits of property developers, rather than ensure everyone has a secure place to call home. 

This is an issue that affects us all. Right now, we need to act in solidarity with public housing residents to protect public housing. 

Public Housing Rally | Launching the push for a parliamentary inquiry


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